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Professor, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Doctor Habil.), Corresponding Member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Office Address: Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles"
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
72 Tzarigradsko Shaussee,
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Office Phone: (+359) 2 9795-647
Office Fax: (+359) 2 975-3619
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(+359-2) 873-68-21

(+359-2) 470-88-79

Birth Date:

October 20, 1949

Birth Place:

Sofia, Bulgaria

Citizenship: Bulgarian
Marital Status: married, one child

Professional Data


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ST. PETERSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY, St. Petersburg, Russia, Ph.D. graduate student (1975-1978),
Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Physics - 1978; supervisor: Prof. L.D. Faddeev, Ph.D. Thesis: "In finite Series of Higher Quantum Conserved Currents in Two-Dimensional Completely Integrable Field Theory Models"

SOFIA UNIVERSITY "St. Climent Okhridski", So fia, Bulgaria,
Undergraduate and M.S. studies (1968-1973)
M.S. degree in Physics - 1973 ; supervisor: Prof. I.T. Todorov


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Israeli Ministry of Absorption (1996-1999): "Giladi" Fellowship
Ministry of Science of Israel (1991-1994): "Shapiro" Fellowship

Participation in Internationally Funded Projects

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Funding Agencies: United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, United States National Science Foundation, Exchange Agreement between Ben Gurion Univetsity of the Negev (Israel) and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, European Commission FP5 "Training and Mobility of Researchers", NATO Science for Peace and Security - Collaborative Linkage Grants, European Commission FP6 Marie Curie Actions - Research Training Networks, COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Nationally Funded Grants and Awards

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Bulgarian National Science Foundation:
1994-1998: Grant F-401/94 (project coordinator);
2000-2004: Grant F-904/99 (project coordinator);
2004-2008: Grant F-1412/04 (project coordinator);
Grant DO 02-257 of Framework Program "Ideas" (2008-2012), acting project coordinator

2014-2016: Grant DFNI T02/6 (deputy project coordinator)

Ministry of Science and Technology of Bulgaria:
1984: Bulgarian National Prize for Young Scientists ;
1987-1991: Project grant F-003/87;
1987-1991: Project grant F-403/87


English, German, Russian - very good; Hebrew (fair); French (mediocre); Bulgarian - mother tongue


Bulgarian Physical Society (Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria)


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Generalized gravity and nonlinear gauge theories with applications in elementary particle physics,  black hole and wormhole physics, and cosmology; Generalized string and p-brane models (strings/branes with dynamical tension, lightlike branes); Completely integrable models; Quantum groups and Hopf algebras - applications in physics; Group-theoretical approach to conformal field theories based on the method of group coadjoint orbits; Covariant quantization of strings with manifest space-time supersymmetry; Covariant quantization of constrained systems ; Stochastic quantization ; Non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories - renormalization of non-renormalizable theories, anomalies in odd dimensions, dynamical mass generation, dynamical generation of gauge bosons and Chern-Simmons terms, 1/N expansion, dynamical symmetry breaking; Field-theoretic approach in the theory of phase transitions and critical behaviour.

Scientific Works


"Doctor of Sciences" ("Doctor Habil.") degree (highest academic research degree above the ordinary Ph.D. degree, cf. Wikipedia article, usually awarded in Eastern European countries) - see personal homepage ; "Doctor of Sciences" thesis entitled "Field Theory Models with Infinite-Dimensional Symmetries, Integrability and Supersymmetry"

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