Семинар на Рикардо Поци

 На 05.10.2023 г. (четвъртък), от 13:15 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ, Riccardo Giordana Pozzi (Милано-Бикока, Италия) ще изнесе доклад на тема:

"Supersymmetric QFTs: Dynamics and Exact Results"

Резюме: This presentation aims at describing Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories (SQFTs) by analyzing the behavior of different gauge theories in the high and low energy regimes. From these analyses we can identify theories with interesting phenomena occurring in the IR, such as the enhancement of flavor symmetry or supersymmetry. The study of thеsе phenomena is in fact of particular interest for several reasons. First, having been recently discovered (the first relevant examples of these theories were discovered less than a decade ago) there is great potential for developments. Second, it is particularly interesting both from the theoretical point of view and for the various connections there are with other areas of mathematical physics or string theory. Symmetry enhancement is therefore a rich and interesting topic to study.

We will first introduce the fundamentals of SQFT by describing SQCD and many of its properties and features, such as Seiberg duality. Then, exploiting the supersymmetric index calculations and the a-maximization procedure, we will discuss examples of theories flowing in the IR toward SQFTs for which either flavor symmetry enhancement or supersymmetry enhancement occurs.


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