СЕМИНАР на Андриана Мартиноу


На 4 април 2023 г. /вторник/, от 14:00 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ ще се проведе семинар на тема:

"The proxy-SU(3) symmetry in atomic nuclei".

Докладва: д-р Андриана Мартиноу от Института по физика на ядрото и елементарните частици към Националния център за научни изследвания "Демокрит" в Атина.

Абстракт: The nucleus is a many-body system consisting by protons and neutrons, which interact by a yet unknown force the “strong force”. Since the nucleon-nucleon interaction is yet to be found various microscopic and collective nuclear models have emerged, which aim to deliver predictions for the nuclear observables and to explain the nuclear data.
The most famous microscopic nuclear model is the Shell Model, which predicts that the nucleons occupy certain orbitals. These orbitals come from the solution of a Hamiltonian with a mean field potential plus certain nuclear interactions. This problem is a tough computational task, because the nucleus is a many-body system. Therefore, algebraic nuclear models had been developed, in order to minimize the computational effort and to give simply explanations about the nuclear phenomena.
The natural algebraic extension of the nuclear Shell Model is the Elliott SU(3) symmetry, which is applicable only in light nuclei. The proxy-SU(3) symmetry, which applies in medium mass and heavy nuclei, will be presented and special emphasis will be given in the theoretical predictions of the electric quadrupole transition probabilities B(E2)s from a nuclear state to another. These probabilities are important physical quantities, because they are related to the lifetime of the nuclear state, they are parameter-free quantities and they give us insight about the nuclear structure.


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