Семинар на 2.08.2018 г.

На 2 август 2018 г. /четвъртък/ от 13:15 часа в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Милен Якимов (Луизиана, САЩ) ще изнесе семинар на тема:

"Irreducible representations of the 4d Sklyanin algebras".

The 4 dimensional Sklyanin algebras play an important role in the 8 vertex model of statistical mechanics, the quantum inverse scattering method and in noncommutative algebraic geometry. We will present a classification of the irreducible representations of these algebras in the so called root of unity case. The dimensions of these representations will be also described. The methods are based on Poisson geometry, noncommutative algebraic geometry (fat point modules and line modules) and elliptic curves. We will present an elementary description of these methods without technical details. The goal of the talk is to explain this mathematical classification in a simple and self-contained way, and to advertise its possible applications in mathematical physics. The talk is based on a joint work with C. Walton (Univ Illinois Urbana-Champagne) and X. Wang (Howard Univ).



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