Семинар на 15.03.2018 г.


На 15 март 2018 г., от 13:15 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Стоимен Стоименов ще изнесе атестационен семинар на тема:

"Meta-conformal algebra in d space dimensions".

Meta-conformal invariance is a novel class of dynamical symmetries, with dynamical exponent z=1, distinct from the standard ortho-conformal invariance. A physical example in the context of fluctuating interfaces is provided by diffusion-limited erosion. In d=1 space dimensions, its meta-conformal symmetry, non-local in space, is isomorphic to the direct sum of three loop-Virasoro algebras. Co-variant two-time response functions are derived and found to agree with the result coming from exact solution of diffusion-limited erosion Langevin equation. In d=2 (local)space dimensions two different representation of the meta-conformal Lie algebra are found. Both generalizations act as dynamical symmetries of ballistic transport equation, but they are not isomorphic. Covariant two-point functions are also found to be distinct. One of them can be extended to the infinite-dimensional Lie algebra again direct sum of tree centerless Virasoro algebras and explicitly contains as sub-algebra, the standard ortho-conformal algebra. For d>2 space dimensions, again two distinct representations are found, to be also determined by an arbitrary vector. When this vector is non-zero, the correspondig representations of meta-conformal algebra act as conditional symmetries of ballistic transport equation.


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