Семинар на 8.03.2018 г.


На 8 март 2018 г., от 13:15 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Веселин Филев ще изнесе семинар на тема:

"Flavoured defect field theory with a domain wall".

I will discuss the effect of а domain wall separating areas with different number of colours on flavoured N=2 SYM defect field theory holographically dual to the D3/D5-brane intersection. In particular, I focus on the phase structure of the theory at finite temperature. For sufficiently strong effect of the domain wall the first order confinement/deconfinement phase transition of the theory ends on a critical point of second order phase transition with non mean field critical exponents. I will show that this is due the D5-brane embedding developing a D3-brane throat realising a magnetic monopole in the worldvolume of the D5-brane.


Поканват се всички интересуващи се да посетят сбирката.