Семинар на 14.12.2017 г.


На 14 декември 2017 г. /четвъртък/, от 13:15 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Мирела Бабалич (Букурещ, Румъния) ще изнесе семинар на тема:

"Hyperbolic surfaces and two-field cosmological models".

After giving some introductory background into the topic, I will discuss a wide class of two-field cosmological models derived from non-linear sigma models whose target space is a non-compact and geometrically-finite hyperbolic surface. These provide a wide generalization of so-called ”alpha-attractor models” and can be studied using uniformization theory. We discuss an expansion procedure for globally well-behaved scalar potentials and illustrate cosmological dynamics in such models for some hyperbolic surfaces.


Поканват се всички интересуващи се да посетят сбирката.