Семинар на 2.11.2017 г.


На 2 ноември 2017 г. /четвъртък/, от 13:15 ч. в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Константин Зарембо (от Нордита Стокхолм и университета в Упсала, Швеция) ще изнесе семинар на тема:

"Dipole CFT, Schrödinger holography and integrability".

The AdS/CFT correspondence between strings on AdS(5)xS(5) and N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory is an iconic example of holographic duality, which also turned out to be integrable. A number of controllable deformations of the AdS/CFT framework that preserve both holography and integrability can be constructed following a systematic construction, known in the theory of integrable systems as the Drinfeld-Reshetikhin twist. One of such deformations leads to non-relativistic holography on the Schrödinger space-time and to dipole CFT on the field-theory side of the duality. This theory has rather unique features among integrable deformations of AdS/CFT. I will describe the first steps toward exact solution of its spectral problem.


Поканват се всички интересуващи се да посетят сбирката.