Доц. д-р Руси Петков Русев

Dr. R.P.Rousev was born in 1946 in Pleven (Bulgaria) and was graduated with honour from the Physical - Technical Faculty of the Kharkov State University (Kharkov, Ukraine) in 1971. He defended his diploma work for Master degree in Nuclear Theory under the supervision of the ourstanding Russian scientist Professor E.V.Inopin from the Kharkov Physical-Technical Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Inopin had given highest estimations for the excellent abilities of R.Rousev for scientific research work.

Since 1971 R.Rousev had worked in the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences , consequently as Research Scientist (1971-1975), Assistant Professor (1975-1989) and Associate Professor (1989 - 2000). He defended his PhD thesis in Nuclear Theory in 1980 in the INRNE, Sofia (Bulgaria).

Dr.Roussy Roussev published around 100 scientific papers and reports at international conferences. Most of his papers had been published in important international journals in Physics, such as Physics Letters B, Physical Review C and A, Journal of Physics G and A, and others.

The main field of activity of Dr.Roussev was the development of group- theoretical methods and their applications to the nuclear theory. He took a very active role in the work on the Model of Interacting Vector Bosons and the description of collective nuclear motions. In the last years he worked actively for the applications of quantum algebras (e.g. SU_q(2) ) to description of properties of nuclei and molecules. This included e.g., the rotational spectra of deformed nuclei, the superdeformed nuclear bands, the unified explanation of the low- lying states of ground bands of even-even nuclei. Dr. Roussev worked also on barion mapping to the three - color delta model and other subjects.

Dr.R. Roussev had active colaborations with well-known nuclear theorists, such as Prof.Yu. Smirnov, Prof. V. Vanagas, Prof. S. Pittel, Prof. D. Bonatsos and others, which resulted in important published results.

Dr.R.Rousev was a supervisor of many diploma students and scientific consultant in preparing of several PhD thesises in the Nuclear Theory Group at INRNE, Sofia.

The results of Dr.R. Roussev and collaborators had been reported on international conferences and seminars in Dubna, Vilnyus, Athens, Trieste, Poyana Brashov, Varna, Gyuletchitza, and others.

The Physics in Bulgaria lost a distinguished scientist.

The memory of Dr. Roussy P. Roussev and his scientific results will remain.