Колоквиум на Едуардо Генделман на тема: "From Black Holes to Bаby Universes"

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На 14 септември 2017 г. /четвъртък/ от 13:15 часа в зала 300 на ИЯИЯЕ Едуардо Генделман (от университета "Бен Гурион", Израел) ще изнесе колоквиум за по-широка аудитория (спрямо обичайните доклади по това време).

From Black Holes to Bаby Universes
Some of the history of black holes starting from Laplace, then Schwarzschild and Kruskal, is reviewed with emphasis on the doubling of the space-time in the full Kruskal extension. Concepts of cosmology are reviewed as well, the notion of cosmic inflation for the early universe sourced by a false vacuum state with negative pressure is explained. The possibility of a local version of a Big Bang is considered and we find it is possible, but the baby universe produced in this way does not invade the mother universe, rather it makes its own space and eventually disconnects from the mother universe. Use of the full Kruskal space to describe the space external to the baby universe is very important. The possibility of creating a universe in the laboratory is discussed.