Personal Data

Occupations: Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Office Address: Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
72 Tzarigradsko Shaussee,
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Office Phone: (+359) 2 979 5574
Office Fax: (+359) 2 975 2619
E-mail: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.
Home Address: Hadji Dimitar, Bl. 53A, Vh. B, Ap. 30, Sofia 1510 Bulgaria
Home Phone: (+359) 2 947 72 99
Birth Date: 11 May 1948
Birth Place: Maglij, Bulgaria
Citizenship: Bulgarian
Marital Status: married, one child
Languages: English, Russian, French

Curriculum Vitae

Assoc. Prof. PhD Dinko Dinev


Born: 1948

Education:  Physical Department of the Sofia University, with Specialization in Nuclear Physics, 1971

PhD:  1981

Assoc. Prof.  1996

INRNE-BAS: since 1981

Group Leader, 1996-2002

Scientific Specializations:

  1. High Energy Physics Institute, Protvino, Russia, 1976-1977
  2. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, 1977-1980
  3. Forschungscentrum Julich, Germany, 1989-1991


  1. Books: 3
  2. Invited Lectures: 4
  3. Scientific Papers: single author-23, with co-autors-9
  4. Preprints: of JINR, Dubna-15; of FZ-Julich-4
  5. Reports in International Conferences: single author-13, with co-authors-14
  6. Patent: 1
  7. Science Popular Papers: 35

Citation: 40 

Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Organizations:

  1. Member of the Board of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria, 2002-2008
  2. Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal “World of Physics”, since 2006

Participation in International Scientific Organizations: 

  1. Board Member of the European Committee for Particle Accelerators (EPS-IGA), 1996-2002
  2. Member of the Organizing Committee of the European Particle Accelerators Conference (EPAC), 1994-2002
  3. Member of the International Expert Committee for the Heavy Ion Collider NICA in JINR, Dubna, 2005-2006
  4. Bulgarian Delegate to the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA), since 1999

Scientific Works



  1. From Quarks to Universe. Editor D. Dinev. “Science and Education”, Sofia, 2005
  2. D. Dinev. Particle Accelerators. Academic Press, Sofia, 2006
  3. D. Dinev. Frontiers of Physics. Heron Press, Sofia, 2010

Scientific Papers and Reports in International Conferences:

1. D. Dinev. Processes in Formation of Metal Sprayed Coatings. Surfacing Journal, October, 1976, p.17.
2.D. Dinev. An Algorithm for Optimum Positioning of the Dipoles in a Synchrotron. Nuclear  Instruments and Methods,v.A237, No 3, p. 441, 1985.
3. D. Dinev. Magnet Sorting Algorithms. Nuclear Instruments and Methods. v.A381, 1996,pp.209-214.
4. K. Bongardt, D. Dinev, S. Martin, P. Meads, D. Prasuhn, H.Stockhorst, R. Wagner.Theoretical Studies of the Ultra Slow Extraction from the Cooler-Synchrotron COSY-Julich. IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science, v. 38, No 3, p.1767, 1992.
5. D. Dinev. Heavy Ion Injection in Synchrotrons and Storage Rings. Particles& Nuclei, v. 28,No.2, 1997, pp.449-494.
6. D. Dinev. Closed Orbit Correction in Synchrotrons. Particles& Nuclei, v.28, No 4, 1997,pp.1013-1060.
7. D. Dinev. Simulation and Correction of COSY Closed Orbit. KFA-Julich, Jul-2406, 1990.
8. D. Dinev. First Turn Simulations in the Cooler Synchrotron COSY, KFA-Julich, Jul-2499,1991.
9. D. Dinev, I. Enchevich. On the Beam Interaction with the Accelerating System in Accelerators. 11-th International  Conference on High Energy Accelerators, Geneva, 1980.
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11. J. Dietrich, D. Dinev, S. Martin, R. Wagner. Simulation and Correction of the Closed Orbit in the Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Julich, Third EPAC, Berlin, 1992.
12. D. Dinev, V. Anguelov, S. Tzenov, V. Mikhailov. Charge-Exchange Injection of Heavy Ions in Synchrotrons. Fourth EPAC, London, 1994.
13. V. Anguelov, D. Dinev. Simulation of the Multiturn Injection into Nuclotron Booster.Fifth EPAC, Barcelona, 1996.
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18. D. Dinev. Searching for Big Linear Perturbations in Synchrotrons. 17th International Conference on High Energy Accelerators HEACC’98, Dubna, 1998.
19. D. Dinev, V. Mikhailov.Charge Exchange Injection for Nuclotron and Nuclotron Booster. Particle and Nuclei Letters, No6, 2000, pp. 49-62
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23. D. Dinev. Betatron Tune Measurement. Preprint JINR, E9-2001-144, Dubna, 2001
24. V. Mikhailov, D. Dinev et al. Progress in the Nuclotron Booster Design. Eight European  Particle Accelerator Conference, Paris, 2002, pp. 569-571
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27. A. Sissakian, A. Sorin, I. Meshkov, A. Kovalenko, …,D. Dinev et al. Conceptional Design Report of Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility (NICA). Dubna, January 2009
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31. D. Dinev. The Universe of Particle Accelerators. Invited lecture in CERN  Accelerator School, CAS, 19 September-1 October 2010, Varna, Bulgaria.
32. D. Dinev. High Energy Heavy Ion Accelerators. Invited lecture in CERN Accelerator School, CAS, 19 September-1 October 2010, Varna, Bulgaria  



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