XXII International School on Nuclear Physics and Applications,
September 10 - 16, 2017 Varna, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


From INRNE-Sofia:
D.Tonev ( Chairman), S.Dimitrova (Co-chairperson), E.Stefanova (Scientific secretary)
D.Tarpanov, P.Zhivkov, M. Yavahchova

The International School on Nuclear Physics and Applications is organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The forthcoming twenty-second edition of the School continues a long series carried out biannually since 1973. The main goal of the School is to stimulate the activity of the Nuclear Physics community in the region. Colleagues from all over the world have attended the previous events and enjoyed the inspiring talks with esteemed members of the Nuclear Physics community.

The Topics to be discussed are:
Exotic Nuclei and their Properties
Nuclear Structure
Superheavy elements. Synthesis and properties
Rare processes and decays
Radioactive beams. Production and research programs
Evolution of Shell Structure
Collective Modes of the Nucleus
Nuclear Astrophysics
Applications of Exotic Beams in Materials Research
Current and Future Facilities

The program of the Meeting will include invited talks, oral and poster presentations of contributed papers. It is expected that during the meeting there will be enough time for informal talks at which one can discuss future prospects of joining the efforts of different scientific centers for performing joint investigations.

Proceedings of the School will be published in Journal of Physics, Conference series.

The meeting this time will be held in ****”Grifid Encanto Beach Hotel”, which is exactly next to the shore. The hotel is located in the Golden Sands Resort near the city of Varna, which itself is known as the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. We hope that all participants will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the beauty of the Black Sea site.

The conference fees are presented in the table below. The period from the 10th (arrival day) until the 16th (departure day) of September is still active touristic season and the conference fee is of the SUPER ALL INCLUSIVE type. The fee includes accommodation, meal, and social program (welcome reception, conference dinner and excursion, program for accompanying persons). Reduced fees for shorter participation will not be available. Early registration is until June 15th, 2017, Late - August 31th, 2017.

All details will be published on the web-page: http://www.inrne.bas.bg/international-school-varna/. If you wish to participate in the School, please register at the website by April 30, 2017 and attach a short abstract of your presentation in a Latex format.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Varna!