Personal Data

Occupations: Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Office Address: Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions,
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
72 Tzarigradsko Shaussee,
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Office Phone: (+359) 2 979 5573
Office Fax: (+359) 2
E-mail: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.
Home Address: Zona B-5 BL. 16, vh.8, 1303 Sofia
Home Phone: (+359) 2 829-17-07
Birth Date: 1947
Birth Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Citizenship: Bulgarian
Marital Status: Married

Professional Data


Graduated from Sofia University, Nuclear Physics Department
Post graduate student and research fellow in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, USSR
Defended PhD on Computer Control Systems for Heavy-Ion Collective Accelerator


Appointed as senior research associate in the Department for New Acceleration Methods in the JINR, Dubna
Since 1980
Research associate in the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
Specialised for six months in MEDICYC Cyclotron Laboratory,Nice, France
One year post-doctoral fellowship in the LNS, Catania, Italy
Research associate in the SL, RFS group, CERN, Geneva
Member of International Collaboration TESLA - VINCY Cyclotron, Belgrade
Since 1999
Associate Professor in the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Sofia
Participant in IAEA workshop on "Technology and Applications of Accelerator Driven Systems"
Member of JINR, Dubna co-operation on "The LHC Transverse Damping System"
Member of Public Information Group, European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA), since 2008
FP7 National Contact Point for Bulgaria, EURATOM NCP, Record Control Number: 19950
Member of JINR, Dubna -TOPICAL PLAN FOR RESEARCH AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION 2009. Items:02-1-1084-2009/2011 Physics and Engineering of Feedback Systems in Synchrotrons and 02-0-1065-2007/2009 Development of the JINR Basic Facility Nuclotron-M, preparation of the NICA project.




Scientific Works


Some Publications

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  2. Operator Terminal, Pribory I Tekhnika Eksperimenta, Moscow, No 2 1977 (in Russian) /1/
  3. CAMAC Modules Control by TPA/i Computer using FOCAL Language, Pribory I Tekhnika Eksperimenta, Moscow, N0 5, 1977 (in Russian) /2/
  4. On the Application of Computers in Accelerators Control at CERN, Communication of JINR, Dubna, 10-9889, 1976 (in Russian)
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